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M A B U H A Y !

Award Master, Inc. has been serving San Diego and the Awards Industry Since 1990.

   For over 30 years, Award Master, Inc. has been serving San Diego as the leading provider of Quality Trophies, Plaques, CPO Chargebook Vessels, Military Shadowboxes, Military Paddles, Thor Hammers, Ceramic Cups, Acrylic Awards, Medals, Plastic/Wood & Metal Signs, Automotive Decals / Vinyl Stickers, Banners & Laser Engraving.

The Company is a family owned which makes running the business more focused on achieving and providing the best Quality products.

Award Master, Inc. has grown over the years starting out from manual operated engraving machines to High-tech Laser Engraving Machines.

Award Master, Inc. has grown as company. It started as a Dream that turned to Reality, and for every successful business a mission statement is a necessity.
We are in business "To Make Every Award Piece a Memory to You Last Forever."

   In 1994, Award Master, Inc. received an Award of Recognition as the Entrepreneur of the Year from the California Legislative Assembly and from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. And over the years we have been widely recognized as one of the leading provider of top quality Award products.

Furthermore, other than domestic and regular customers; we support the requirements of all the military activities both shore and afloat. We also provide services to all Filipino American organizations, sports activities and all the civic and fraternal organizations.

We look forward to meeting you and Serving you.

Thank You Very Much and God Bless us all.

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